Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education


At Ali Institute we work with mathematics teachers in ways which aim to be trans formative. We strive to help each mathematics teacher develop as a liberally-educated person who can think deeply and creatively about ideas, gather and analyse evidence, challenge their assumptions through personal research activity, communicate effectively, and articulate a personal and professional identity as a maths teacher. At the Ali Institute this transformation is supported by a learning community that immerses students in the breadth of human experience, engages ideas in a spirit of open discourse, values the uniqueness of the individual, and celebrates accomplishment.

We see in each of our students the potential to become an informed, independent thinker and a concerned, responsible citizen. All of our students enjoy personalizing their learning through interactions with peers, professors, and staff in a wide variety of settings, both formal and informal.

Reflecting the entire outlook at the Ali Institute, as part of maths teacher education, we  value national and international recommended standards and  expose students to creative, innovative and reflective projects to integrate theories and practices whilst working with others and set high expectations that our students will go on to apply their understanding and skills to raise the quality of mathematics education. 

Our vision is to enable students to explore, research and question in order to develop a profound understanding of mathematics concepts. We support student & teachers to look at mathematics logically and remove the isolation and abstraction of mathematics. We also ensure that we establish a multidimensional connection with other bodies of knowledge so that  mathematics teachers value the utilitarian aspects of the subject.


For students at the Ali Institute of Education, studying mathematics teaching, the following strands guide learning:

1.    That teachers set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils

2.    That teachers are able to elevate the level of progress and outcomes of pupils

3.    That teachers exhibit mathematical content knowledge, understanding and skills to a high level of proficiency

4.    That teachers are able to plan and teach well-structured, engaging lessons

5.    Teachers are able to adapt teaching for differentiated learning

6.    That teachers are exposed to, value and implement the latest trends in mathematics education

7.    Teachers make accurate and productive use of assessment

8.    That Ali Institute maths teachers are high-performing professionals raising the standard of maths teaching in schools