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    Science: Foundation Course


    The science foundation course is a preparatory course for incoming student-teachers. We have developed this course to ensure that our students have a strong basis in primary and elementary level science. On this zero semester programme the students are familiarised with the topics in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics that they would encounter in Semester-1 on the science teacher-education programme. Our aim is for student-teachers to be confident in explaining scientific facts and concepts. The course will help you to bridge the gap between your college/ university learning and professional learning on the B.Ed course at the Ali Institute of Education. 

    Our science faculty use ‘hands-on’ and ‘minds-on’ approaches. Study on this course involves discussion-based learning with a focus on activities to explore the science topics. This will provide you with the experience of learning science inductively – an approach to teaching where students are given the opportunity to explore, discuss, draw conclusions and give meaning to their learning. 

    Core Topics: 

    • States of Matter (solids, liquids and gases), Physical and Chemical Changes 

    • Chemical Reactions, Atomic Number and Mass Number

    • Periodic Table of Elements

    • Acids and Alkalis

    • Cell organisation and Classification of Plants 

    • Pollination and its Types

    • Production and Properties of Sound

    • Reflection and Refraction of Light