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Degree Programmes

  • Bachelors in Education,  Elementary, (B.Ed. Elementary) Morning & Evening
  • Bachelors in Education, Secondary , ( B.Ed. Secondary ) Morning & Evening
  • Bachelors in Early Years Education (B.Ed. ECE)
  • Bachelors in Education, Special Education 
  • Associate Degree in Education, ADE 
  • Associate Degree in Education (For In-service teachers) 
  • Bachelors in Education (B.Ed. Hons.) (Elementary) 4 years Programme
  • Bachelors in Education (B.Ed. Hons.) (Secondary) 4 years programme


Post Graduate Diploma in Education {PGDE}

Post Graduate Diploma in Education {PGDE}

With Ali Institute’s one-year Postgraduate Diploma in Education you will be distinguished by your ability to critically apply theory and research, and to understand the complex dimensions of current educational issues in Pakistan, as well as practices and policies in particular contexts. You will reflect on research and demonstrate skills for analysis, synthesis and critical evaluation of teaching and learning.

The {PGDE} can be taken in a number of specialisation areas depending on the route you wish to take in your future career. These are described below.


Why Study the {PGDE}

From 2016 the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan phased out the one-year B.Ed. qualification. There are no longer any HEC recognised one-year teacher education degree courses. However, the HEC’s National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education endorses the one-year Post Graduate Diploma Course as a professional pathway for those with a first degree who wish to become teachers.

At Ali Institute we use a student-centred, inquiry-based and inter-professional approach to learning which results in best practice learning and teaching experiences. We believe that this leads to the best student learning outcomes and therefore to high-performing teaching professionals. We employ a range of self-study and direct contact options that provide flexible learning for all students. You’ll be taught by highly qualified, well-regarded teachers who are supportive and provide a high level of pastoral care.

The facilities available at Ali Institute are considerable, including an extensive library dedicated to education, well-resourced and clean classrooms, as well as a beautiful campus which is easily accessible.





Why Study With Us?

You will:

·         challenge and enhance your knowledge

·         enjoy extensive networking opportunities with other educators studying at Ali Institute

·         have the opportunity to participate in, and access current and relevant research in, a supportive environment

·         choose from specialist and specific topics designed for your context and interests

·         benefit from Ali Institute’s extensive experience in teacher education



Post Graduate Diploma in Early Years’ Education

Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education

Post Graduate Diploma in Science Education

Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management

Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching




All Ali Institute degree and post graduate qualifications require students to undertake a research project and to contribute to the research community at AIE.


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