M.Ed. (Morning & Evening)

Master of Education {M.Ed.} Morning & Evening,weekend & Distance Learning)

With Specialization in

·         Education Leadership and Management

·         Educational Guidance and Counseling

·         Early Years Education

·         Mathematics Education

·         Science Education

                  ·         Language Education

M.Ed. Programme

Core Goals

  • Support integration of content, pedagogy, research, and theory to build on experience and address individual areas of interest and need, while being responsive to the social, behavioural, and academic needs of students;
  • Develop knowledge, abilities, and dispositions with regard to teaching techniques, curriculum design, assessment practices, and student social, behavioural, and academic learning needs as a basis for informed decision-making in the whole school; 
  • Enhance abilities to engage in self-reflection which yields purposeful opportunities for professional learning and improvement regarding what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do;
  • Increase proficiency in the analysis and use of student data to improve instruction;
  • Enhance proficiency in the integration of technology in teaching, learning, and professional development;
  • Foster commitment to ethical behaviour and social responsibility within the educational community.


Programme Objectives

Preparing excellent educators:

  • Ali Institute M.Ed. graduates should be:
  • Knowledgeable in specialised subject areas
  • Respectful of the individuality of each child (student) and committed to addressing the needs of the whole child - academic, social, emotional, and physical
  • Sensitive to the different levels and learning styles of different students and able to differentiate instruction effectively, and support teachers to differentiate instruction
  • Committed to creating a positive classroom and school culture and climate
  • Skilled in preparing, conducting, and assessing instruction
  • Knowledgeable of, and respectful towards, the many different backgrounds, abilities and interests of students
  • Able to be patient and flexible, without sacrificing expectations
  • Skilled at classroom management, encouraging positive learning behaviours and creating a positive learning environment, and in so doing act as a role model for teachers and colleagues
  • Knowledgeable of appropriate current trends in pedagogy, learning, and assessment, including teaching methods and strategies, new research on learning styles, child development, learning disabilities and special needs, and English language learner needs
  • Current in technology and instructional techniques 

Preparing reflective, analytical and effective leaders:

Ali Institute M.Ed. graduates should be:

  • Knowledgeable of psychology underpinning education and have a strong philosophical foundation
  • Knowledgeable of, and reflective about, the purposes of schools and education
  • Able to analyse complex and contradictory information, identify critical issues and themes, and synthesise these ideas into meaningful and effective arguments - both in written and spoken form
  • Reflective about balancing the needs of children and the requirements of schools and agencies, and sensitive to the needs of different children, families and communities
  • Innovative and interested in working for change and improvement in the school, community and the teaching profession as a whole
  • An advocate for children of all abilities, interests and backgrounds
  • Able to communicate effectively in writing, speaking and presentation


Student Outcomes

Excellent educational professionals:

M.Ed. graduates are skilled, knowledgeable educators and future leaders in education with the creativity to instigate change, an ethical and caring disposition to advocate for children and adult learners, and the skill and knowledge to advance learning and growth for all students.

Thoughtful, analytical and effective leaders:

M.Ed. graduates are education leaders with the skepticism, critical analysis, synthesis ability, contextual knowledge and communication skills to identify problems, craft solutions, and lead efforts towards positive change for education in Pakistan.


Eligibility Criteria:

B.Ed. (minimum 2nd division)

Duration: 1 year

Total number of courses: 10 courses + thesis (in 2 parts in area of specialisation)

Total Credit Hours: 36


Scheme of Studies of M.Ed. ( Morning & Evening)


Credit Hours
1 Philosophy of Education
2 Education Psychology 3
3 Education Testing, Measurement and Assessment 3
4 Education Administration 3
5 Research Methods in Education 3
6 Thesis 3
   Total Credit Hours 18


Credit Hours
1 Curriculum Development
2 Instructional Technology 3
3 Three courses selected from any of the areas of specialisation  9
4 Thesis 2 3
   Total Credit Hours 18



Education Leadership and Management
Credit Hours
1 Managing Educational Change (School improvement)
2 Educational Planning and Finance 3
3 Human Resource Management 3
   Total Credit Hours 9


Educational Guidance and Counselling
Credit Hours
1 Counselling Skills in School Management
2 Educational and Vocational Guidance 3
3 Assessment and Evaluation in Guidance 3
   Total Credit Hours 9



Early Years Education
Credit Hours
1 Foundations, principles and practices in ECE 
2 Teaching methods, planning and use of Montessori material 3
3 Pedagogy in practice 3
   Total Credit Hours 9



Mathematics Education
Credit Hours
1 Contemporary Pedagogies in Mathematics Teaching
2 Developing and Managing Resources for Mathematics Teaching 3
3 Curriculum Design and Assessment for Mathematics 3
   Total Credit Hours 9



Science Education
Credit Hours
1 Laboratory Management and Material Development In Science
2 Pedagogical Practices In Science 3
3 Syllabus Designing and Assessment In Science 3
   Total Credit Hours 9



Language Education
Credit Hours
1 Pedagogical Practices in English
2 Effective syllabus design and assessment inEnglish Education 3
3 Developing and Managing Resources in the Teaching of English 3
   Total Credit Hours 9

Student Support: Foundation Study

Ali Institute ensures that students are provided a strong foundation in basic skills by offering a zero semester short programme including 'functional English', 'study skills' and 'ICT'. The Foundation Study is a one month programme of intensive skills development which prepares students for the rigours of studying a M.Ed. at the Ali Institute. The Foundation Study is an integrated component of the M.Ed. programme.

Foundation Study

Functional English (30 hrs)

Study Skills (8 hrs)

ICT (12 hrs)


Mode of Study

The M.Ed. can be studied as a full-time or a part-time programme.

Part-time study is the route that programme participants with a B.Ed. and who are already working in a school will take. The course sessions at Ali Institute are arranged after school timings to facilitate students. The full-time route can be taken by those who are currently not working in a school or other educational setting.

All students are required to undertake research activity for production of thesis 1 and thesis 2. For this, students will need to have access to a school for data collection.

Graduate Teacher Programme  (GTP) on the M.Ed.

The Graduate Teacher Programme is a professional practice model and students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning. Participants in the GTP get considerable support from the Faculty which greatly enhances skills development and career opportunities. The GTP is a unique and invaluable opportunity to gain high quality teaching experience at an advanced level.

Selected students are employed as an associate teacher at Ali Institute. Selection is based on an application and interview. Participation in the GTP is an opportunity to be paid Rs. 6000 per month whilst undertaking study.

The Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) involves up to 15 hours of teaching. You must have a B.Ed. degree to be eligible.

Ali Institute is an English medium learning environment, therefore teaching on the GTP requires a very good standard of spoken and written English. Furthermore, since Ali Institute promotes contemporary and progressive approaches to teaching, Ali Institute graduates are preferred for participation in the GTP. However, all B.Ed. graduates are welcome to apply.

For entry to the Graduate Teaching Programme please ask for an application form during your admission.