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27 April 2015 By In Blog ELDC

ELT CONFERENCE….I  can’t believe it’s over. When I started doing it , I never expected that we were going to get such a tremendous  response as this was our inaugural English language teaching (ELT) event. We called it ‘Moving Forward in ELT 2015’ because we really wanted to give English teachers the idea that this could be the beginning of something very positive for the future. I  really wanted to give our teachers from different regions an opportunity to grab as much as they could from the variety of highly-respected trainers we had assembled for the event. There were a total of 28 workshops and a fascinating panel discussion which everyone really enjoyed, along with the good food and the opportunity to network with other English teachers. 


There are off course  many lessons that I learned from this event , which will be really useful in planning our next conferences. 


I must say, all my friends – the AIE FACULTY - worked really  hard  and with big smiles, and it’s only because of their support I was able to manage the conference so smoothly, and thanks to the custodial staff for putting up with my running after them for all the last minute details. Thanks everyone :)

ELDC plans to do much more in the coming months, so everyone out there keep in touch.