The Magic Begins: AIE's Kids'Summer FUN!

The Magic Begins: AIE's Kids'Summer FUN!!

From July 18 onwards, AIE will once again open its gates to the joy, fun and magic that is our summer session of the Kids' University. After the resounding success and popularity of our summer programme last year, children and parents alike have been waiting eagerly for this home away from home, a place where kids can get together, accomplish merry, happy bundles of learning in uniquely creative ways and where they can participate in activities only kids can dream of: from arts and crafts done the messy, colourful way to fitness and music aimed at improving their coordination and focus, and from drama to cooking and sports, there's no better way for our little ones to spend the long summer days.

Instead of cooping them up in the house, send them to AIE 5 days a week, from 9am to noon, where their intellect gets drawn in by their playfulness, their curiosity is satisfied by their independence to solve problems and their energy is challenged and fed with every class they take. AIE's Kids' University is the only on-campus summer camp that makes use of an entire campus space giving kids the feel and comfort of what they are used to in school and the freedom to create and explore that are in stark contrast to the restrictions schools can impose. 

So, from July 18 to August 12, enrol your young minds in a holistic programme designed to bring out the experimenter, explorer, artist and enthusiastic learner in all of them!