Ali Institute of Education’s 1st Outreach Conference

Ali Institute of Education’s 1st Outreach Conference


After successful conferences in 2015 and the mega-scale ELT conference 2016, AIE presents our 1st Outreach Conference 2016, providing a platform for teachers, administrators and educators to share ideas, experiences and best practices in diverse aspects of teaching. 

This year's theme, “Empowering Teachers”, aims to  bring interest, curiosity, adventure, build relationships and do much more than impart knowledge. 

The 2016 “Empowering Teachers” conference offers an opportunity for facilitating teachers to continually work on their craft, to strengthen and celebrate their love to learn. Presenting creative practices for specific educators in the classroom, we intend to expand mindfulness and support improved teaching and learning. 

The conference will be divided into a series workshops exposing participants to various teaching methods, tips, interactive dialogues and exchange of ideas within a teaching environment.

 This will also be an excellent opportunity to network and share thoughts with other teachers and trainers.